Differentiating Yourself Part One

How do we show the real difference that innovation can provide?

I believe we have eight needs to achieve.

Each of us will arrive at our own personal understanding of what this “all means”.

Innovation is about achieving difference so if we all arrived at the same point of understanding then we actually are defeating ourselves from the very beginning

So what are these eight ‘triggering’ points? Briefly:

Exploring the first four here ( the other four will be next)

Linking sense of purpose

If we fail to link our purpose we end up drifting. There are lots of areas to explore and gain insights from.

  • We need to determine and articulate our values
  • We do need to understand our available and required innovation capital
  • Innovation is made up of much, yet we do need to focus on the dynamic capabilities, not the static ones that often are traps to innovation progress.
  • Can we recognize and articulate our present innovation fitness?
  • Can we landscape our needs towards specific innovation outcomes?
  • What is the type of infrastructure do we need to build around us?
  • Can we design the architecture of innovation needed
  • How do we align with the corporate’s mission, goals, and strategy?
  • Do we recognize different horizons of innovation?
  • Building innovation requires a clear governance others can draw understanding from
  • Are we clear on the intangible makeup of innovation and what it contributes
  • Where do technology and digital transformation fit?

Building the Capacity to Perform

  • Setting about capacity building needs deep thinking through
  • Learning how to assess and improve on what you have got already
  • Articulating the values and needs is critical for others to be drawn in
  • We need to design and map innovation in clear ways for others to see
  • We need to draw together and combine to perform- the question is what?
  • To build something is good, to sustain it and improve is even better
  • Building the capacity to learn, absorb and disperse knowledge is essential
  • How do you design in a fluid, adaptive and agile set of practices?
  • Embedding innovation needs multiple anchoring points- we need to determine these

Achieving Impact and Intensity

  • Can we define impact, can we build in the necessary intensity?
  • What will strengthen this need to achieve
  • Amplifying the power of innovation needs nurturing- how?
  • Can we set about the devising and aligning of innovation to everyday work
  • Can we build the common language essential for innovation?

AlgningPeople, Technology, and Innovation

  • We have unlimited degree’s of alignment
  • The connectivity we can generate and build
  • The interactivity we can promote and stimulate
  • The sense of sharing and desire to exchange, explore and learn
  • The building of the essential ‘interplays’ this gives us to leverage and exploit

By working through these we begin to build the differentiating capabilities that make us unique in building our innovation capacity.








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