Forging our future through innovation

I’ve been working in the innovation forge arena for coming up to sixteen years; relating, learning,  designing, shaping and writing about innovation, trying to translate this into value for clients and their innovation challenges.

Innovation Advocacy needs strong guidance.  As a “go to” trusted authority that can influence, argue, advocate new directions, and provide clear options for change, I can push the ‘edges’ of today’s status quo, perhaps be your required catalyst to trigger ideas or offer different insights.

We have to remember that innovation is always restless and constantly changing and I want to bring about meaningful up-to-date thinking in innovation practices adding further to your own.

Balancing the ‘inflow’ of knowledge about innovation with the necessary customer ‘insights’ is not easy, you have to be well positioned to advocate and show value, to guide different conversations and provide ‘impactful’ results.

Over the years we all see the business model has evolved

So I have been working far more towards a facilitator and adviser, by design and choice progressively in the past few years. It ‘feels’ the right position.  Positioning myself in where I can help and guide to those responsible for building innovation capacities and capabilities, so as to promote, stimulate and exchange thinking in innovation thinking and design, to open up thinking in fresh evolutionary and revolutionary ways.

The end result is to contribute to exploring emerging and leading practice understanding for integration into an organization’s thinking and innovation models.

Applying a selection of solutions to one client does not mean it will be valid for another, as often the context surrounding them is unique and significantly different. It is a process of reiteration, of understanding the differences and reworking solutions, blending in and capitalizing on the DNA that reflects the uniqueness.

Many times it is actually a process of reiteration, of understanding the differences and reworking solutions, blending in and capitalizing on this reflection of our uniqueness.

Searching for learning, growth, and impact

This changing and building a new business model and pushing boundaries is no walk in the park. Nor is the building of those innovation capabilities, especially when you are in such a crowded highly-competitive market space. Innovation is constantly evolving and recognizing this constant change taking place all around us does need a dedicated focus that most often than not, we cannot invest the time. I can.

I believe most clients are time-starved. They often do not have the luxury to think as they are consistently reacting to daily issues, responding to changes occurring all the time in the market-place. With such an emphasis on the short-term, the need for speed becomes even more essential. Having a resource that can bring different insights into your innovation work has value surely?

I have loved this quote from a good associate of mine Dilip Mikerjea:

“If you wish to have value for money, would you give money for value?”

I really think I can help provide you value in innovation support!









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