Differentiating Yourself Part Two

So my further part of how we need to set about and differentiate ourselves

How do we show the real difference that innovation can provide?

I believe we have eight needs to achieve.

Each of us will arrive at our own personal understanding of what this “all means”.

Innovation is about achieving difference so if we all arrived at the same point of understanding then we actually are defeating ourselves from the very beginning

So what are these eight ‘triggering’ points? Briefly Part one is here:

Exploring the second four below ( the first four are here )

Translating Knowledge into Value

  • We need to understand absorptive capacity
  • How do we set about accessing capacity?
  • What do we need to anchor capacity?
  • What means do we diverse capacity?
  • How do we determine and translate the richer insights?
  • What does transformation mean to you?
  • How does transformation become real and insightful?
  • What ways will you amplöify the signals of innovation opportunity?

The Art and Science of Exploiting and Exploring

  • Understanding different organizational design
  • The meaning of an ambidextrous organization
  • Setting about the creation of value
  • How we think and act to generate different needs
  • What skills are different to manage this dual design?
  • How do you shift thinking mindsets, ensure successful handovers
  • The ability to differentiate innovation strategy to work in this design
  • Gap identification and how to resolve this

Creating Sustaining Value

  • Building the vision, values and required culture
  • Knowing and recognizing value creation
  • Making those value propositions as the everyday occurrence
  • Building the Innovation Business Model Alternatives
  • Recognizing Asset Orchestration- structuring, bundling and leveraging
  • How to re-energise and build a powerful innovation engine
  • Equipping all with the necessary skills and behaviors to innovate
  • Building the ability to connect, exploit and explore the blank spaces

Placing it all into Context is essential to resolve

  • The power of context shifts everything and then gives it ‘shape’.
  • Context provides the innovation marching orders.
  • Placing innovation in context allows for understanding as innovation is often inherently messy.
  • Context gives us certain guard rails or borders to help gain a more united focus.
  • The ‘setting it in context’ allows for dialogue, adding more value to the thinking.
  • Knowing the context allows us to engage.
  • Context needs to also become, increasingly the arbitrator of success.
  • Context gives knowledge into the hands of others to go and work on finding possible solutions.
  • Knowing the context gives us something highly relevant to judge eventual outcomes on.
  • Of course, context is going to be fluid, we constantly adapt to new insights
  • Context must lead, functionality and capability then flows from this and will follow as we gain new understanding
  • Context in the eventual design and outcome needs constant recalibrating.
  • Context gives our innovation activity its meaning and sense of purpose.
  • the real innovation lesson is in the value of the Power of Context.











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