Building a Strong Innovation Advocacy In Practice

I have been a strong champion for innovation for a number of years. It has become my overriding passion, interest, and source of inspiration. I research continuously in this area, as innovation is restless, it never stays the same, it is always evolving.

My worry though continues, innovation gets treated often as an add-on, often overridden, to the more established practices within organizations.  Innovation does need a different mindset, metrics, and operational practice to be able to yield its true potential.

I have been thinking for some time about the advocacy of innovation, turning my intent into purpose and positioning, by becoming a more dedicated source of essential knowledge for innovators as a guide, mentor, and catalyst for accelerating performance.

The timing now seems right so to launch this dedicated posting website under

My intent derives from four beliefs I can offer something of innovating value to others

  1. To be known for knowing something and contributing this into your thinking
  2. Having a clear independent expertise in innovation allows for ‘degrees’ of freedom
  3. A wish to be a “go to” trusted authority drives my level of performance
  4. Being seen as a specialist for innovation understanding can be a real catalyst to you.

My purpose and positioning has five points of innovation value

  1. The wish to unlock the knowledge within and add even more to yours
  2. To find and set the true purpose and rhythm of innovation for clients
  3. My ability for assessing capabilities, capacities and designs to innovate
  4. A belief that coaching, mentoring, guiding and advising accelerates innovation
  5. I can differentiate, determine and deliver innovation to specific needs

I see many areas of innovation activity that are managed poorly, where the linkage has not been fully established and it often remains sub-optimal. Innovation is a distinct management practice and does need this strong advocacy that I wish to bring to the table on behalf of clients, ones that want to accelerate their innovation understanding and performance and achieve those higher returns that are available to them, if they invest the time and commitment.

I really think I can help! Can I catalyze your thinking?










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